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Two galleries on a page with navigation linked

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    August 8, 2014 at 2:19 am


    I’ve got my blog with a feature image at the top-right and a
    gallery at the bottom.

    I’d like to have it so you can click on the feature image and
    then click back and forth seamlessly between it and the bottom
    gallery. So basically having it as one gallery but in two separate
    places on the page.

    I actually already have this working using the fancybox solution
    – e.g. see
    but I’m keen on galleria as fancybox doesn’t support mobile

    Also, on mobile I’d like to be able to just show the feature
    image, but once that was zoomed, have the user be able to keep
    clicking through the gallery to view other images that were not
    initially presented on the blog (thereby cutting down on the
    initial page load size).

    (I otherwise have galleria working fine on my dev site by the
    way – thanks great product.)

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