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Twelve theme: Ken Burns effect only work on first image

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Front Page Forums Questions Twelve theme: Ken Burns effect only work on first image

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    le tuong
    December 24, 2014 at 3:11 am

    Hi all
    I need some help. I tried to add Ken Burns effect into Galleria.
    When user click on image, it will go down or go up.
    var gallery = this; var percent = ‘-=56%’; var percentup = ‘+=56%’;
    var timedelay = 7000; var timerun = 15000; var pressdown = 0;
    function scrollmanga(img,percent,timerun,percentup,pressdown) { var
    newtimerun = timerun – 5000;
    $(img).unbind(‘click’).click(function() { if(pressdown == 0) {
    $(‘.galleria-images img’).animate({ top: percent }, newtimerun);
    pressdown=1; } else { $(‘.galleria-images img’).animate({ top:
    percentup }, newtimerun); pressdown=0; } }); pressdown = 0; }
    this.bind(‘image’, function() { var img = this.get(‘images’);
    scrollmanga(img,percent,timerun,percentup,pressdown); }); It work
    fine on first image, but on next image, pressdown variable didn’t
    reset to 0 (pressdown = 0 ). So if on first image, it go down, on
    second image, it will go up when user click on it.
    Another problem is queue seem not work on Twelve theme. I set it to
    true but i still can go from first image to last image. I just want
    to load one way image load.

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