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thumbCrop & imageCrop — Please help me understand…

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    Brian Moses
    April 14, 2015 at 12:39 am

    I can’t seem to get thumbCrop or imageCrop to work the way I
    understand from the documentation. This has been an issue for me
    since Galleria 1.2.6 soI grabbed 1.4.2 today to try and work around
    it once and for all. I’m also using the Twelve theme.

    The symptom that I’m seeing is that in some cases only portions
    of the image are being displayed in the Galleria container, which
    makes me think they’re being cropped, but I may not be describing
    it adequately. I’ve attached a screenshot of the Galleria and then
    also of the thumbnail image. My expectation would be that picture
    would be displayed entirely, with black bars filling the remainder
    of the container.

    Most of my pictures are in landscape, so the problem is most
    apparent portrait images. My Galleria container is defined as

        maxScaleRatio: 1;
        imageCrop: false;
        thumbCrop: false;

    I use thumbnails and the majority of the thumbnails are sized
    appropriately for orientation. Landscape thumbnails are 640 pixels
    wide, Portrait thumbnails are 480 pixels tall. Because that’s just
    a hair under the size of Galleria, I’ve added the maxScaleRatio of
    1 to make sure it’s not scaling up the thumbnails.

    It’s my understanding that by default, imageCrop is True in the
    Twelve theme. I’ve tried setting imageCrop to; false, height and
    portrait trying to see if it resolves my issues with the display of
    my portrait images. Changing imageCrop doesn’t seem to make any
    measurable difference. It seems like the image is being cropped but
    maybe something else is happening that I don’t understand.

    If you’d like to see it in action, I uploaded my example to
    my website
    for you to look at and to tell me what I’m not doing

    Thanks for taking a look!

    1. Croptastic

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