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Newbie questions: can Galleria do this?

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    Mark Wilson
    February 8, 2015 at 2:16 am

    I have a specific use case, and before I spend time on learning
    to use Galleria, I just wanted to make sure it would do it.
    I already have a web page which displays all my Flickr sets, in the
    proper order, and lets you choose one to view the photos
    But that page is a normal web page, and is NOT mobile-friendly, so
    I’m looking for a software package which will let me do the
    In a mobile-friendly way:
    1. Show all my Flickr sets, in the same order Flickr shows them.
    Having a thumbnail for each would be required.
    2. Once the user selects a set, show the photos in there in
    chronological order or the order Flickr uses.
    3. The list of sets should update automatically as new sets are
    4. Show the text for each photo, either next to it, or via some
    sort of popup or mouseover.
    So I don’t need a non-mobile-friendly solution, I already have
    Will Galleria do all of these?
    Is there a sample page showing something like this? It seems like
    it ought to be a pretty common user case, but you never

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