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Latest 12 theme version Full screen transition, not smooth … +

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    Dembiske Holdings Inc.
    October 4, 2014 at 7:55 pm


    1). I just upgraded to the latest version of the Twelve theme
    (1.42) and I find the transitions when going to Full Screen and
    back again to Normal Screen to be quite a bit less smooth than they
    were in the previous version (1.33) I was using. I know that you’ve
    included now the ability for Explorer 11 to go Full Screen and I’m
    wondering if that is where the problem has arisen. The lack of
    smooth transition (almost jerkiness) detracts from the presentation
    and the Full Screen function is one of the features I most rely on
    in what I can consider to be a great program and ideal for my
    needs. .Appreciate your input and any idea as to how you / or I
    might improve this to the point where it was previously as it does
    seem to be occurring now across Chrome and Firefox browsers as
    well, not just in Explorer.

    2). on my notebook (HP 13 inch) I notice I do not get a true
    Full Screen picture like I do on my desktop monitors (Dell 19
    inch).- Is there any code input / adjustment or workaround that I
    could use to solve this particular issue?

    I’ve provided links below where you can check the issues that
    I’ve listed out. Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing
    from you – Best Regards, Steve


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