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    leroy smith
    January 28, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    I just purchased your product today, and I am trying to enter
    full screen mode when using–yes, I know–frames. Please hear me

    The reason for frames is that my client would like background
    music for their site. The music plays in one frame so it doesn’t
    restart on every page load, and the content is in the other

    When not using frames, the full screen works great. We get the
    full page takeover which is perfect. We stripped down all of the
    content as an example so you can see it at:

    But when we use frames, the black-full ‘takeover’ mode does not
    work. See:

    The issue is that the “red” in the examples represents the page
    layout on the site, and the images overlay the site content (see

    Any thoughts or ideas would be most welcome.

    BTW, I am loving your product. If we could get this last issue
    resolved, it would be just fantastic.


    1. Galleria_NoFrame
    2. Galleria_Frame

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