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Galleria Twelve fullscreen mode on iPhone not working

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Front Page Forums Problems Galleria Twelve fullscreen mode on iPhone not working

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    Marius Rustad
    December 12, 2014 at 5:18 am


    I’m working on a website and wanted to use Galleria again. I’ve
    set up a gallery and everything seems to be working more or less
    except for fullscreen mode on my iPhone (5s). I don’t have any
    other mobile units around to test if this is common on all.
    What happens is that it just sort of freezes. It doesn’t show any
    pictures or navigation, just the background color. I’m getting your
    demo to work on my iPhone though so it’s most likely something
    locally. Could you take a look?

    I’m not getting the alternate “small arrows” to show either.. if
    that function is still implemented. No biggie though.. just
    mentioning it..


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