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Folio theme breaks at specific screen widths

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Front Page Forums Problems Folio theme breaks at specific screen widths

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    Agency Build
    April 7, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Hi I’m using the folio theme on
    and it fails to load when the window width is 1340px. While trying
    to duplicate the issue I discovered it would break at specific
    widths. It used to break between 1085-1099px, 1185-1199px,
    1285-1299px, etc. This has happened for myself and a coworker on
    two separate websites. The site he was working on would break at
    the same places. Now (without changing anything) the site breaks at
    a window width of 1340px. The plugin fails to initialize or
    calculate the widths or something and times out at 5 seconds and
    crashes the page. Any idea what is happening?

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