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Example of PHP5 building JSON data source

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    Verve X3, LLC
    October 24, 2012 at 5:50 am

    I am using DirectorPHP to dynamically pull data from Slideshow
    Pro Director. It works fine and the Azur template is quite nice.
    You can see it in action at www DOT photosensate DOT com.

    I would like to increase performance, and while I am using
    cache, I believe letting the server provide the thumbs would help

    I am struggling with the sparse documentation about how to pass
    thumbs as well as large and original image urls, and with how to
    provide additional data (in my case, the EXIF data). I have read
    the documentation and believe JSON would be the best approach. But
    I am struggling with how to generate the JSON in php5 script.
    Here’s what I currently use:

    if($posttype == "[albumID=") { 
        require_once(__ROOT__ . "galleria/classes/DirectorPHP.php");
        $director = new Director($apikey, $apipath);
        $director->cache->set('cache'.$albumID,'+10 days');
        // You may need this depending on what you are doing with galleria
        $director->format->add(array('name' => 'thumb', 'width' => '100', 'height' => '100', 'crop' => 1, 'quality' => 75, 'sharpening' => 1));
        //These are the parameters of the image that will be used when galleria is displaying a single album
        $director->format->add(array('name' => 'large', 'width' => '720', 'height' => '572', 'crop' => 0, 'quality' => 100, 'sharpening' => 1));
        $album = $director->album->get($albumID);
        $contents = $album->contents[0];
        foreach ($contents as $image) {
            $settings="Settings: Exposure-".$image->exif->exposure." ISO-".$image->exif->iso." Aperture-".$image->exif->aperture." Focal Length-".$image->exif->focal_length." ".$image->exif->flash_simple;
            $device="Camera: ".$image->exif->model;
            echo '<img src="'.$image->large->url.'"/><br />';
    // Load the Azur theme
    // Initialize Galleria'#galleria', {
        height: 572,
        showImagenav: true,
        transition: 'fade',
        imageCrop: false,
        autoplay: 4000, // will move forward every 4 seconds
        carousel: true,
        responsive: true,
        showImagenav: true,
        pauseOnInteraction: true,
        showInfo: true,
        //dataSort: 'random',
        //transition: 'pulse',
        //transition: 'flash',
        //transition: 'slide',
        //transition: 'fadeslide',
        transition: 'fade',
        lightbox: true, 
        trueFullscreen: false,

    I am quite willing to work though my own code i.e. not asking
    you to debug anything. But the examples provided for JSON are
    suggestive only. Might you edit the code above a bit to demonstrate
    how to take the data passed in from DirectorPHP and utilize it with
    JSON and pass it to Galleria?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I really like the product but think more complete sets of
    example code would be very helpful for some of us.

    Best regards,

    Stephen Magladry
    November 12, 2012 at 6:38 am

    Verve 3,

    I don’t know if you found a php solution. After posting
    something in the This and That forum on the galleria help board, i
    noticed your post. The Reference to php caught my eye. After
    looking at it, I noticed you had a question about php.

    You are in luck! You see, I just posted php code to create a
    JSON array for using with galleria. It is in the This and That
    forum, dated 11/11/12. I hope you find it helpful.

    Sarah Phipps
    September 15, 2014 at 5:51 am

    I also use directorPHP and have struggled with this for a long
    time and found a solution. I hope this helps someone else who has
    this issue.
    I define the sizes:
    $director->format->add(array(‘name’ => ‘thumb’, ‘width’
    => ’90’, ‘height’ => ’90’, ‘crop’ => 0, ‘quality’ =>
    75, ‘sharpening’ => 1));
    $director->format->add(array(‘name’ => ‘image’, ‘width’
    => ‘800’, ‘height’ => ‘600’, ‘crop’ => 0, ‘quality’ =>
    80, ‘sharpening’ => 0));
    $director->format->add(array(‘name’ => ‘big’, ‘width’
    => ‘1920’, ‘height’ => ‘1080’, ‘crop’ => 0, ‘quality’
    => 90, ‘sharpening’ => 0));

    and added this to the container:

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