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    Andrew Cumming
    April 26, 2015 at 10:51 am

    Hi, I currently have a website which has a contents page created
    in Dreamweaver, with columns as years, and then months in rows. You
    can therefore quickly scroll to, March 2008 (for example), and then
    click on the title, “March – Easter holiday” which is a link to an
    album. Currently, that links the user to a Lightroom Gallery with
    all the images on.

    My problem is that the code for the ‘Contents’ page is no longer
    working and I am not a programmer. I am therefore looking for a
    totally new solution and Galleria has some great ‘themes’ to host
    the actual pictures. My question is, if I use Galleria, do they
    also provide a ‘contents’ style web page? And if not, is it
    possible to buy a user friendly one that can link to Galleria, and
    which doesn’t involve me having to create the page in Dreamweaver?
    Lastly, the current Dreamweaver contents page allows you to
    password protect the gallery. Is that possible with Galleria?
    Hope that makes sense!

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