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Chrome (v. 42) and IE (11) not loading images dynamically — works fine in Firefox. Using Galleria 1.4.2

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Front Page Forums Problems Chrome (v. 42) and IE (11) not loading images dynamically — works fine in Firefox. Using Galleria 1.4.2

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    April 26, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    I have a project that loads images from a php script that
    returns an expressions (var data = [{img1.jpg}, {img2.jpg}, etc.
    After I use the javascript eval() function on the returned value, I
    have an array of objects in the correct format, which I pass to my
    galleria instance inside the ajax call’s “done” method.
    The ajax call (inside a function that extracts the path of the
    images and stores them in a variable called “where” looks like
    $.get( ‘getImagesForGallery.php’, { mydir : where } )
    .done(function( result ) { console.log(‘result: ‘ + result); data =
    eval(result); // Galleria.ready(function() { //
    Galleria.log(‘Gallery ready’, this); // the Galleria instance //
    $(‘.galleria’).galleria({ dataSource: data }); //‘.galleria’); // Galleria.get(0).load(data);
    }, “json” ); }

    I tried testing for Galleria.ready(), but that made no
    difference. I also found that calling and using
    Galleria.get(0).load(data) works as an alternative… that is,
    either approach loads the data and starts the slideshow in

    But neither works in Chrome or IE… I see the Gallery, but no
    images load.

    After the page loads, if I create the data var in the console,
    and issue the Galleria.get(0).load(data) command, the gallery loads
    the image and works as it should.

    Any ideas about why this works in Firefox but won’t work in
    Chrome or IE? FWIW, if I hard code images into the

    all the browsers work…

    April 27, 2015 at 1:08 am

    you can test this at:

    use the menu to navigate to “community”

    click on “Parks And Recreation” to expand the section

    click on “View More Photos” to load the page with the galleria
    image gallery.

    or you can use this link to go there directly:

    Note that if you create the variable returned when you click on
    any of the buttons below the gallery which is output to
    console.log, you can manually type Galleria.get(0).load(data) and
    the gallery will correctly display the jpgs, But in Firefox, it
    just works…

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