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Azur Theme Animation Event Fireing Very Frequently

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Front Page Forums Suggestions Azur Theme Animation Event Fireing Very Frequently

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    Stephane Koenig
    November 13, 2014 at 12:52 am

    We’re seeing a lot of Animation Events firing (followed by dom
    editing and painting) when the Azur theme is idle. This is 100%
    reproducible on your own Azur demo.

    Fire up Chrome and the dev tools then hit record on the Timeline
    panel whilst looking at this page
    with nothing going on…

    After a few seconds you’ll see about 300 events always starting
    with an Animation frame request and ending with some compositing…
    these event fire every 10-15 ms depending.

    On a small device with reasonably complex page this can cause
    severe stuttering when scrolling the page because the events fire
    no matter what. Azur seems the worst affected but some of your
    other theme have a similar behavior.

    Perhaps this is something you can look to eliminate? Classic
    doesn’t seem to have this affect, Twelve is much reduced…

    Great plug in, we love it.



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